ArabHCI Team

Ebtisam Alabdulqader (Founder) is a Saudi HCI researcher. She is an assistant professor in the Information Technology Department, at King Saud University and she has a PhD in Computing Science and HCI from Open Lab, Newcastle University (GB). Her current research focuses on HCI aspects of social computing, interaction & participatory design, CSCW, social innovation and community-driven research. She is an active professional member with a history of volunteer work with the leading international community of professionals interested in research, education and the practical application of HCI.

Shaimaa Lazem (Co-Founder) is an Egyptian HCI researcher. She earned her PhD from the Department of Computer Science, Virginia Tech, USA in 2012. She then returned to Egypt, where she holds an academic position at the City for Scientific Research and Technology Applications, to establish a research program in HCI. She is interested in exploring the design and use of low-cost educational technologies, collaborative games, student-led socio-technical learning environments for teaching HCI and CS.