The community

About |

ArabHCI is an initiative that is established on September 2016 to empower, bridge and connect HCI researchers and practitioners from the Arab world with those who are conducting/interested in research in this context and ACM SIGCHI. The community goal is to leverages our “insider” understanding of HCI research in the Arab context and explore the challenges and unique opportunities for future research.

Aim |

  • Create a sustainable HCI community focusing on Arab context and promote HCI research in the Arab countries
  • Empower Arab HCI researchers and increase their visibility as collaborators, reviewers and publishers in top venues
  • Facilitate collaboration among HCI researchers, practitioners, and students in the Arab community
  • Facilitate collaboration with well-established international HCI research labs in academia and industry

Members |

ArabHCI community is open for all HCI researchers interested in the Arab context with no restrictions on their background, gender or nationality.